Mountain Buggy® blanket

Mountain Buggy blanket folded in colour nautical_nautical
Mountain buggy cosmopolitan luxury 4 wheel modular buggy with matching blanket in colour geo_geo
Mountain buggy cosmopolitan luxury 4 wheel modular buggy close up of matching blanket in colour geo_geo

Mountain Buggy® blanket

mountain buggy


Product Code: BLANKET_V1

Cotton blankets available in our luxury collection prints: nautical, pepita and GEO to keep your baby warm in the buggy, carrycot, cocoon or car seat

Mountain Buggy® blanket stand out features:

  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • blanket dimensions: 72 cm x 100 cm

what's in the box:

Mountain Buggy® blanket
    £21.99 GBP

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