hand muffs

Mountain Buggy set of 2 handmuffs_black
Mountain Buggy set of 2 handmuffs attached to handle bar of the buggy_black

hand muffs


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Warmth for your hands, whilst on your buggy adventures. durable, weatherproof, rip-stop nylon outer with a soft fleece lining for extra comfort.

hand muffs stand out features:

  • durable, weatherproof, rip-stop nylon outer
  • compatible across the Mountain Buggy® range and many other buggy brands
  • easy zip on and off the buggy handlebar
  • use as two single hand muffs or zipped together to make one hand muff
  • cool machine wash & hang dry immediately

length - 25cm / 9.8"
width at opening - 20cm / 7.8" at opening
width at handle attachment - 15cm / 6"
fabric - 100% polyester

mountain buggy


Product Code: MBMUFFS_V1

Customer Reviews

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Wish I had bought sooner! Loved them!

Handmuffs: My first thought using these one freezing cold morning was ""Whyyyyyy oh whyyy didn't I get a pair sooner!!!"". I absolutely loved them and immediately couldn't imagine pushing the stroller in cold weather without them. The configuration of the zip was perfect as once in place, the muffs allowed me to not only control the handlebar break on the stroller, but it also allowed me to comfortably wear the safety strap around my wrist. When it warmed up and I took them off, I was able to attach them via the zip to the framework of the pram (just near the basket under the pram) so that they would be safe until needed again. This ensured that I still had maximum room in the basket for all my baby items. Overall I found myself using the muffs every chance I could as they were so cozy without being bulky and restrictive.

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