newborn cocoon

Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon in colour black_black
Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon side view in colour black_black
Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon on a carrycot stand in colour black_black
Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon fited on a year of the pig nano in colour black_black

newborn cocoon

mountain buggy


Product Code: MBCN_V2UK

Perfect for parents wanting a lie-flat newborn solution that clips seamlessly on and off their buggy - and for use as an off-buggy lie-flat sleep solution.

£64.99 GBP

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"This is such a great value product. So cosy, and fits on the frame so well."

I love that I can use it separately if I don't want to use the pram and just carry her into places and she is warm and safe.

Jo L

full features breakdown
ultra lightweight
perfect for a newborn
move baby without disturbance
one time attachment
stand compatible
certified for overnight sleep
at a glance
ultra lightweight
perfect for a newborn
certified for overnight sleep
one time attachment on most buggies
seamless assembly
protective sunhood and zip lid
newborn cocoon™ instructions

Setting up your newborn cocoon  is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!


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