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What should be on a Baby Registry?

What should be on a Baby Registry?

From my days as a Nanny, I have been exposed to some amazing products that I found incredibly useful, which I will take through to when I become a parent one day!
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As luck would have it, a few of my Nanny families were already Mountain Buggy® lovers through and through, so even before I stepped foot working here, I was exposed and used MB products on a regular basis, most notably when I was caring for the two sets of twins! I found through my experience of using the products that catered for two, I'd end up highly recommending Mountain Buggy® to parents of multiples!

So, I thought I'd share with you a list of what I think would be great on a Baby Registry for first or all parents. Now, OF COURSE this list will offer up the best of what Mountain Buggy® has to offer but consider the 'why’ of each item I've included, as whatever brand you end up buying from, the essence of what it delivers will be helpful through and through!

picture of nano™, duet™ luxury and carrycot plus™ for twins

Pictured above (in order) - nano™, duet™ luxury and carrycot plus™for twins.

Buggies: When it comes to choosing the right buggy for you, it can be quite overwhelming with the amount to choose from!

Whether you have one child, multiples or more, you must consider many different factors. For example, the weight of a buggy, how many lil ones can fit inside, and one that is durable that will last you for years. A random one people don't consider is also how often you'll be needing to go up and down kerbs throughout the day – the push down the handlebar to lift the nose of the buggy requires force which with a child inside, can mean more force than you a used to – usually for best ease, it comes down to the design and geometry of the buggy; if it's well designed with your child seated in the right position inside the buggy, it's easier to manoeuvre and kerb pop! You're going to be using this product for years to come – so do consider your lifestyle, environment and how YOU can see yourself using the buggy - you basically want one that’ll fit all your needs, so you won't be needing to purchase another buggy midway! It should really be a one time investment because buggies are expensive!

With these in mind, I have a few suggestions from Mountain Buggy® for you!

If you’re wanting a compact, versatile, lightweight buggy, nano™ could be the one! It is so easy to travel with, is super light and easily foldable (so no need for loads of car boot space. And because it's so little, actually just having it in the car always is so handy for those quick trips you need to do – in and out – no stress! nano™ has even proven to be a life saver for the grandparents who want that easy buggy left at theirs for those sweet surprise visits!

If you are expecting twins or have multiple bubs, you will probably want to find a buggy that can push both lil ones at the same time. Pushing two is actually hard enough, so it's important to find the right double buggy that will give you the least stress as possible! Something durable and compact enough to manoeuvre would be so helpful as you will feel like you have more control.

When I was nannying for twins, I found myself pushing a Mountain Buggy® duet as well as the carrycot plus™ for twins. I highly recommend these products! As a Nanny, these products were GOLD! I LOVED how easy it was to move duet™ around - it was spacious yet still fit in the same single buggy footprint, so was easy to get in and out of the door! What was also awesome was the hand activated brake control that's located on the handlebar. Pushing two precious babies, the brake allowed me more confidence and control especially walking down a hill – much like needing to go slow on a bike – so cool! And the carrycot plus™ was great - twins newborns often want to spend most of their time next to each other and still bond so with this product, it's one big spacious bed, so they could sleep together, whilst touching and feeling each other's presence, and have lots of space at the same time - couldn’t do without!

pod™ highchair

Pictured above - pod™ highchair.

Feeding - I would imagine it goes for most parents and Nanny’s, but germs are a big NO NO! Little ones can pick up anything throughout their exploratory stages as they put EVERYTHING into their mouths! And while it's good for building up their immunity systems, you can also help in some way to avoid too many nasties in the system! When out and about, I would usually try and avoid the highchairs at cafe's, as I didn’t know how clean they would be. I think always having a portable highchair with you, would be so useful and so hygienic! That’s why I'd recommend Mountain Buggy® pod™! It’s easily one of the most compact, lightweight and adaptable portable highchairs out there – safe too! Exactly what you want when you’re carrying around all your bubs' things when out and about - pod™ can actually be thrown into your parenting bag or the gear tray of your buggy. So easy, and no need for germs from public highchairs!

juno™ carrier

Pictured above - juno™ baby carrier.

Carry - When I was caring for one particular baby and his two older siblings, I found he was quite clingy and wanted to be held all the time. While this was cute, this also proved to be quite difficult when trying to do laundry, cook or other daily tasks. So, finding something that allowed me to be hands-free, yet have baby close to me was important! The obvious solution that ticked all the boxes was a carrier! I'd recommend one that was adjustable and comfy to wear for longer periods and was ergonomically sound for both me and baby. For a little baby, I'd also recommend a front pack so that your baby can snuggle in and feel safe. With Mountain Buggy® juno™, this carrier made it totally possible for me to do my tasks and entertain the siblings, whilst carrying him at the same time 🖤 It was comfortable and he would often sleep soundly on me easily. 100% recommend!

accessories from Mountain Buggy™

As a parent or Nanny, carrying around all your babies things when out and about can be a mission. You have to pack EVERYTHING for every instance that may pop up so having a parenting bag is a MUST! A good bag should contain compartments and safe zones for any bits and bobs you may need to bring with you (change of clothes, first aid basics, bottles...) I love the Mountain Buggy® parenting satchel as it has so much room to pack what was needed, and most importantly it didn't look like a diaper bag - it's a bag you could use outside of the parenting world too (great size for laptops!). It was also so helpful that it could clip to the handlebar of the buggy for easy access.

And you can never have too many blankets for little ones. Having one or two always stored at the bottom of the buggy in the gear tray is super helpful when out and about. You never know when the weather will turn or it could get cold. Mountain Buggy® blankets are a great size and feel snuggly – and it comes in many luxury colourways!

Whether it be as a gift or for yourself, these products would be super useful for all parents – I guarantee it!

Sunday x

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