now reading: Mountain Buggy® releases its first Chinese-zodiac inspired, mythological print
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Beautiful Year Of the Dragon fabric design on nano™ - Mountain Buggy®

Mountain Buggy® releases its first Chinese-zodiac inspired, mythological print

Award winning baby goods brand, Mountain Buggy®, introduces their ninth limited edition print, 'Qiulong' (pronounced Qi-u-long, meaning 'curling dragon'); celebrating the Year of the Dragon – the fifth of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac.
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Known in Chinese mythology to be among the strongest dragons, the Wood Dragon represents a time for new beginnings, transformations and the potential for growth, progression and abundance.

Being the only mythical creature that is celebrated in the zodiac, designer Elle took the time to research and understand the importance of this majestic being, which lead to Quilong taking on inspiration from the imagery used within Chinese cinema and fashion, “The rich earthy tones offset by gold detailing were directly inspired by wallpaper and costumes seen in Wong Kar-Wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’.” Says Elle, “The moody lighting and rich colours from Kar-Wai’s cinematography felt perfect for the Earth Dragon, who’s lucky colours include gold, silver and white. The intricate details in designer Guo Pei’s couture work also inspired me, taking elements of traditional and modern Chinese design to tell the story - all coming together to create a depiction of the Qiulong (curling) dragon.”

Chief executive, Campbell Gower, is proud of this latest design with Elle's interpretation of strength, power and mystique, “This powerful piece sets the scene for the Dragon – a traditional take of the creature itself, woven into the inspired notes of modernistic cinematography – an incredibly intelligent and thought provoking design – much needed for the likes of a Dragon – it really is left to one's own interpretation and feel.” He adds, “Because this design could go many ways, we consulted with our team in PRC to ensure the mood, aesthetic and tone was the right mix that gave uplifted strength as opposed to something that could be deemed as too fierce and unfriendly.”

This symbolic creature is tremendous in power and according to Chinese tradition, they can be found beneath the earth and are tasked with safeguarding sacred relics and objects.

With the contrast tones of gold bodies flecked with silver, that weave seamlessly on the deep wood backdrop, through a mist of delicate dragon flowers – Quilong delivers a sense of strong dragon armour that will protect and safeguard, much like what the tradition teaches us.

We honour this strong Chinese tradition of the zodiac animals, as well as Mountain Buggy's strong ties with the People's Republic of China with this limited edition print, only available on the Red Dot award winning, compact buggy nano™, online or at select retail partners.

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